Friday, October 4, 2019

PTFE : Advantages and Applications

Polytetrafluoroethylene or PTFE cables are specially designed for strenuous applications as it has excellent chemical, moisture, temperature, and electrical resistances. These cables found its application in both commercial and residential setups. There are numerous types of PTFE cables available in the market such as PTFE equipment wires, PTFE multi-core cables, compensating & extension (thermocouple cables), PTFE electrical sleeves, PTFE heaters wires, PTFE high voltage cables and various others. Cables made of PTFE material are acknowledged for their durability, flexibility, and reliability. These are appreciated for their low-temperature durability and fire resistance attributes.

PTFE insulated wires and cables are capable of enduring a high range of temperature starting from    -76º F to 500º F. These cables are specially designed to operate in high current loads in the high-temperature environment, which makes them ideal and safe to use in ovens, industrial wiring, etc.
PTFE cables are ideal for providing protection and coverage especially to medical devices as they can withstand a wide variety of conditions. Extreme temperatures, friction and corrosive chemicals are some of the conditions usually faced by an automotive wiring. Thus, it requires the safety provided by PTFE material. These cables are widely used in power steering, heated seats, air conditioning, battery applications and various others. Considered as one of the best insulators, these wires are widely used in electrical components across the globe. These cables have the ability to insulate up to 500 volts per mil, which makes them reliable for strenuous applications. Computers, bioengineering, robotics, chemical sciences are some of the other application areas of PTFE cables.
PTFE is a coating material having a number of benefits. As an insulator, it is considered as excellent due to its carbon-fluorine bonds, which makes it extremely flexible and non-reactive. It is also hydrophobic that makes it nonreactive to water. The chemical properties of the PTFE wires ensure their flexibility, bending, and stressing. These wires are also suitable for the wide frequency range. They provide space saving advantages over other less advanced insulators. In addition to all these, low dissipation factor, high dielectric strength, high operating temperatures, resistance to UV radiation and various other factors make PTFE an ideal choice for long-term applications.
The fluorocarbon structure of the PTFE cables makes them a reliable choice for diverse applications, be it residential, commercial or industrial. In addition to this, unusual chemical inertness, excellent thermal stability and unsurpassed electrical properties make these cables perfect for numerous applications. Nowadays, numerous companies are getting involved in the supplying of the PTFE cables. If you want to search such PTFE Cables Suppliers in your area, then an online search will be the best option.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Heat Shrink PTFE

Very good artical and couldn't agree more on the dificulities of Sintering PTFE. We too are manufactures of Fluoropolymers and had to face all the same problems. We manufacturer and distribute Heat Shrink PTFE and Heat Shrink FEP Tubing and Products all around the globe and are always trying to work with new products and new companies.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Specializing in Heat Shrink Fluoropolymer Tubing and Products

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Heat Shrink FEP Probe Covers

Chemically inert & temperature resistant, FEP probe covers have remarkable industrial applications.

Tef-Cap, one of the leaders in chemical resistance and fluid handling sectors, offers strong FEP probe covers for harsh chemical environments. Manufactured from chemically inert Teflon tubing, Tef-Cap ensures that the resulting FEP tube is smooth, round and conforming. Working under temperatures that can be as high as 400-degrees Fahrenheit and lengths varying from 6 inches to 150 inches, the probe covers offered by Tef-Cap are reliable and highly effective. Over the years, the company’s effective products have been appreciated by players in industries, such as electrical, medical, aerospace, etc.

One of the representatives from the company commented, “In the automotive industry, our probe covers can be used to protect hydraulic hoses against abrasions. In the medical field, they protect probes from corrosive environments. In the food and paint sector, they ensure that probes remain safe from anti-fouling and contaminating materials. These are just some of the many applications of our probe covers. With robust materials and long life, the covers provide peace of mind to chemical engineers. This is the reason Tef-Cap continues to be a major player in the industry.”

Chemical environments can be extremely harsh. From fluid handling to product manufacturing, it is very important to protect the tubing materials. Tef-Cap provides a solution. The company’s FEP probe covers have been manufactured from chemically inert materials. This is to ensure robust protection to manufacturing materials, such as sensitive equipment and probes. The pin-hole seal and smooth round corners enhance their efficiency. Their FEP Probe Covers have found extensive applications in industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical and food. These probe covers can handle temperatures as high as 400-degrees Fahrenheit and are available in custom colors. The company also provides encapsulation services.

Talking about the high-quality materials Tef-Cap uses, the representative further added, “With a team of seasoned manufacturers, we ensure that the materials we use are always high quality and FDA-compliant. Having incredible shrink qualities, these materials can perform well at extremely high temperatures. Being in the field for more than 50 years, we believe we have achieved some remarkable results. Many enterprises in the chemical industry have appreciated our efforts.”
Tef-Cap also provides other tubing solutions, such as Fractional and Spaghetti Tubing, Convoluted Tubing, etc.

About the Company

Tef-Cap Industries Inc. is leading Teflon tubing provider, offering heat shrinkable, smooth bore, convoluted, corrugated and coiled tubing options. They also provide spiral wraps, traction roller sleeves and heat shrinkable probe covers. They have over 50 years of experience in providing high quality tubing solutions for a number of different industries.


Address: 421 S Brookhurst Street , Anaheim, CA. 92804

Phone Number: 610-692-2576

Monday, October 22, 2018

Color Trace FEP Tubing / Striped Tube

Color Trace FEP Tubing is a permanent color line that is embedded into the wall of FEP tubing and will not flake or peel off. Striped Tubing is used for identifying and isolating single lines in a bundle of clear FEP Tubes. Manufactured from FEP resins both the FEP Tubing and as well as the FEP stripe are chemically inert and able to with stand elevated temperatures up to 400°F.
Color Tracing relies on a simple yet eye catching stripe that has been impregnated into the tube which allows installers to run fluid transfer lines quickly and more importantly accurately. Tracking down clogs and blockages in lines is now easier, no more blurry vision when staring at a bundle of clear tubes. Striped Tubing helps you identify , isolate and solve problems in chemical transport lines.
Color Trace Tubing can be produced in several colors , such as red, blue, black, yellow, orange and purple and because it is manufactured from a melt process Color Trace tubes can be produces in long continuous lengths giving it an advantage over Striped PTFE Tubing. Striped Tubing is not a painted line on the OD of the tube Striped Tubing is permanent long lasting identification.