Thursday, July 20, 2017


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Monday, July 10, 2017

PTFE Teflon Tubing has the one of the highest Temperature ratings among the Fluoropolymers, but using Heat Shrink PTFE Tubing comes at a Cost…  Yes the Heat Shrink PTFE is a little bit more money than Heat Shrink FEP or PFA but the biggest difference is how the material shrinks. PTFE is not an easy tube to shrink. Temperatures of 620 F are required for the material to start to shrink and recover, but elevated temperatures and stress left in the tubing make Heat Shrink PTFE very susceptible to linear cracking.

PTFE Tubing will turn from a milky white to clear when the correct temperature has been reached in order for the material to start shrinking.

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The reason for its extensive use is its exceptional characteristics highly resistant to heat, resistant to corrosion & low coefficient of friction. Depending on its wall thickness it is further classified as: Pipe Liner, Pressure hose & Spaghetti tubing. If you are looking for reliable PFA and PTFE tubing, get in touch with Tef-Cap today! For more details visit or call #610-692-2576

Are looking for a tubing system that offers abrasion, heat & chemical resistance? Teflon tubing offers all that! It is used for numerous applications, it is widely used in chemical and fluid processing, automotive, aero-space, and other industries! With the ability to withstand heat, excess pressure and chemical exposure, it is an excellent addition to various industrial operations. Need Teflon Tubing? Tef-Cap offers a wide range of heat shrink tubing systems for multiple applications. For orders and details, contact # 610-692-2576 or visit

Friday, December 2, 2016

Relying on Performance and Quality From Tef Cap

Industries That Rely On PTFE Tubing


When people talk about PTFE tubing, a lot of different things come to mind. While some people may think about HVAC systems, others think about air conditioning units as they require tubing able to bear extreme temperatures.
At the same time, some people think about laboratories as the tough tubing present there needs to withstand a wide variety of substances and chemicals.
PTFE has outstanding resistance to temperatures, exceptional lubricity and tolerances. Due to its versatility and durability, PTFE tubing is considered imperative in various industries around the globe.

Here are some of the most important industries that rely on PTFE tubing:

The Automotive Industry

If you noticed, your car has a temperature gauge. When running, cars generate a lot of heat. This is particularly true in the case of heat released from the transmission and engine. In such extreme temperatures, PTFE tubing works as an excellent insulation option for wire harnesses due to the exceptional dielectric strength.
As PTFE is quite lubricous itself, it serves as the perfect option for fuel hoses and fluid tubing lines. On the other hand, it is also used extensively in automotive cooling mechanisms due to its ability to withstand cooler temperatures.

The Medical Industry

As many people are still unaware of the biocompatibility of PTFE tubing, its surprising potential still goes undiscovered to a great extent. However, IVs and catheters are often made from PTFE tubing due its chemical inertness and lubricity.

The Fiber Optics Industry

The lubrication PTFE tubing offers makes it the best option to slide over fiber optic cables without destroying its delicate structure. As the tubing is also chemically inert, it makes it viable for use with other materials without the fear of interaction or reaction. PTFE can also be formed into plenty of other shapes.

The Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry requires materials that can withstand sharp rises and decreases in temperature, are chemically inert and provide smooth flow of fluids. Even the smallest mistake in this industry can put thousands of lives at risk. PTFE is extensively used in wire harness applications in the aerospace industry because of its dielectric strength. PTFE materials can also be used to extrude convoluted tubing that can protect essential cables.
What do you use PTFE for in your specific industrial application? If need reliable PTFE tubing but aren’t sure where to find it, look no further than Tef-Cap.

The company offers high quality PTFE tubing and a wide variety of other tubing options for industrial clients.